"We thank you for all that you and Rock for Vets are doing in the community, playing for our team is always a unique experience and creates awareness for all the goodness that you do. I talked to one of your newest musicians, he had nothing about praise of your organization and how it’s helped him tremendously. I saw the joy in his face while playing in front of our crowd. Keep up what you are doing and once again, Thank you for what you do!" Boeing Employee Nov 2016.

“I really can't express how much it means to be a part of "Rock For Vets."  I've always been enthralled with the stage and performing.  I never dreamed I'd find it at the VA.  It is excellent therapy for me and lifts my self esteem tremendously.  Entertaining is something I know I can do.  I believe this ability was God given.  All I needed was to believe in myself.  Thank you for helping me to realize my potential. Thank you for your dedication and hard work. Thank you for caring.  I know there is more to come..” J.W. 

"This program is changing my life, I don’t have headaches and my home life is balanced..” R.C.

“I have meet new people and never thought I would play on a stage” R.S.  

“Frank, this is meaning so much to me personally, I can never thank you enough..” C.C. 

“This program is keeping my head straight and my wife says that I am easier to get along with now” L.M. 

“Frank, thank you and Jerry for all  the hard work you guys are doing for us.  I really feel part of a team again.”J.P. 

"Frank, What an experience. This is something that I will remember for the rest of my life. Thank you so much for a great experience."  Frank (Oasis Rocks)


"I enjoyed myself so much and so did everyone there at The Gaslamp" "You all did such a fantastic job
organizing the event and getting us all ready to perform" " I was so thrilled actually singing with a band - like in my good old days, thanks for letting me relive my past" Ann (Oasis Rocks)


"It was a good show, however I had to learn my lines and I felt did it with passion. Thank you and Naomi for making this happen" Mary (Oasis Rocks)


"Dear Beautiful people, Thank you for my wonderful time and what you gave us, it was a WOW!' I wish the team well with a prosperous year, good year, wellness, joy, love, happiness" Aynne (Oasis Rocks)


"Hey there Frank!! Just want to thank you all again for a great experience. It was a great experience for all of us and I greatly appreciate all the hard work you've all done to teach us about how bands work together. You all taught me about team work, and it brought us closer together even after you left. =) Our principal heard us one day while we were rehearsing and he also heard us at lunch and asked if the Rock Club could perform a song at the Student of the Month luncheon. Unfortunately, we cant because the rain but it feels good to know that people enjoyed and loved us. We still need a lot of work and I know in the end we will be great. So thank you Frank, Jerry, and Dave for coming out here and supporting us, teaching us all we need to know. It was a wonderful experience and I hope next year, you will come out here again. Its my last year in High School and I would love to end my high school year doing what I love to do. Have a great one!!!!! Sincerely, Mafa.."  Student at Cabrillo High School – Mafa student at Cabrillo


Wow, I was terrified at 1st, but it really came together.  So much fun & so worth it.   This was a really great experience for me. I am much more confident now.


My kids (ages 7 and8) loved that I went through it. If it was so that I could develop a rapport with my students at school too, I think that the program helps in that area as well. The program has some great intentions and it was doubly nice that you collaborated with the LBJC’s Adopt a Teacher program.


 I’m more than happy to recommend this program to anyone.  Learned a lot, realized a very old dream and had a hell of a time doing it.


Pushed us when we needed it and it worked.


Wow, I went from playing in front of my empty couches in my living room, to jamming in front of a live audience in just one month.

Veteran Statistics

Each day in the US more veterans commit suicide than currently die in combat; approximately one per hour. The Dept. of Veteran Affairs states that almost 20% of combat veterans from Iraq, Afghanistan, the Gulf War and close to 30% of all Viet Nam veterans suffer from PTSD not including their physical injuries. Current VA treatments for PTSP are cognitive behavioral therapy EMDR and medication. The VA also includes group and family therapy as well as the integration of music therapy as another avenue of not only healing but getting vets in need to even reach out for help. Often vets are able to engage in music therapy before they can begin to express and share their struggles culminating in a positive solution to addressing the problems that plaque their lives.

In 2009, The US National Library of Medicine did a study on the effects of music therapy for the menially ill. Serous mental disorders have considerable individual and societal impact that traditional treatments may show limited improvement. A study in 2010 at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Music, Media and Technology revealed that the anticipation of listening to pleasurable music induces the release of dopamine; a neurotransmitter vital for the reinforcing positive behavior and necessary for the survival. "These findings provide neuro-chemical evidence that intense emotional responses to music involve ancient reward circuitry in the brain". (Dr. Robert Zatorre, Lead Researcher)


The Rock Club and Rock for Vets mission is to create a music education program for At-Risk Youth, Veterans and individuals struggling with social adjustment, and mental health issues by offering music instruction classes to all.  Music is a catalyst for healing, rebuilding self confidence and indeed reduces the daily stresses of everyday life. By developing coping skills, compassion, self esteem and communication skills these At-Risk youth and Veterans are able to slowly reenter life.

At-Risk Youth: The overall goal of The Rock Club’s Music Programs for youth is to assist students who are identified at high risk for failure to succeed in the academic setting. This includes supporting them to achieve success in the school setting and to assist in “on time” graduation. Whether they can already play an instrument or not, can sing or if they just have the desire to learn, all students are offered a chance to build their social skills, self esteem, and develop personal accountability in a supportive and educational environment.   

​​Veterans:  Rock For Vets is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives and well being of disabled military Veterans in the greater Long Beach area through music instruction and rehabilitation, one on one mentoring and life skill coaching. Through music instruction Veterans from the Vietnam War, Desert Storm, Iraq, and Afghanistan who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Spinal Cord and Brain Injury and other emotional and physical traumas find that involvement in the Rock For Vets program reduces stress, improves their quality of life and begins the healing process by engaging with other vets and reaping the rewards of the small successes they experience while learning to perform as part of the band.

Twenty-three Vets commit suicide each DAY: nearly one per hour. (ABC News) This staggering statistic speaks loudly to the need for multiple therapeutic disciplines.

Jerry Salas, Rock For Vets Head Coach is also a Vietnam Army War Veteran. who returned to civilian life with an inability to maintain healthy relationships and adjust to civilian life without being paralyzed from the horrific memories of his war experiences. After significant therapeutic attempts which met with little success - music rehabilitation; in particular, drum instruction was suggested.  

Rock for Vets is about giving back to those who once faithfully served this country and are now in need our support in putting the pieces of their lives back together.

About Us


Thank you to Dr Mary Ann Franco, (who is part of our Board) and her team of interns (Carla and Ed).  They have conducted seminars and sessions to offer our members a therapeutic approach to music and what music does to the soul.

Topics covered:

Communication Blockers

4 Pillars of Professionalism

The Benefits of Music Therapy

How to Develop Good Communication Skills


Also a visit from world renown author Dr. Hyder Zahed. 

At-Risk Youth

Rock For Vets

The Rock Club Music Is The Remedy

Mission: Is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives and well-being of Veterans, at-risk youth and other groups through music instruction, education, and mentoring.