The Rock Club Music Is The Remedy

Derick Yanehiro

Charlie Moffett

Frank McIlquham

Malek Sammour

Jerlene Tatum

Bryan Koenen

Alex Wright

Braden Phillips

David Cannan

Russell Stacey

Melissa Keyes

Deborah Betance

Kit Katz

Peter Dey

Denise Damrow

​In Memoriam

Katherine McIlquham

Jerry Salas

Frank McIlquham

Bobby Kimball

Charles J. Fearing

Ronnie Ciago

Bernard Purdie

Board of Directors:


Frank McIlquham, Founder and Member

Kit Katz, President, St Mary Medical Center

Jerlene Tatum, Treasurer, Tatum Cordova Strategies Principal

Deborah L Betance, Secretary, LBUSD, M.A.E.D.

Board Members

Melissa Keyes, Director of Accounts and Creative, TLG Marketing

Katherine McIlquham, Administrator, VP Development CCEJ

Charlie Moffett, Matrical Inc. and Brooks Automation Inc.

Advisory Members:

David Cannan, President of the Board, Ret. Long Beach Police

Peter Dey, Member of Rock For Vets and Navy Veteran

Helen Dolas, MS-BC, BA Music Therapy, CEO Arts and Services for Disabled

Lew Kerns, LBUSD Principal and Air Force Veteran

Bobby Kimball, Original Lead Singer of TOTO

Servando Orozco, Business Owner Orozco's Auto Service

Braden Phillips, Ret. LBPD and Ret. Commander US Navy 27 years

Bernard 'Pretty' Purdie, Ambassador of all programs, the worlds most recorded drummer

Jerry Salas, Lead Singer El Chicano, Army Veteran, Rock For Vets Head Coach

Russell Stacey, NBC Operations Manager

Derick Yanehiro,  Producer and Assignment Editor , ABC NEWS

Program Staff:

​Frank McIlquham, Founder

Jerry Salas, Head Coach Rock For Vets and Youth

Ronnie Ciago, Sub Coach

Charles Julian Fearing, Sub Coach

Bryan Koenen, Volunteer Coach

Bernard 'Pretty' Purdie, Ambassador of all music programs

Malek Sammour, Vocal Coach Gold Star and Alpert JCC

Alex Wright, Pianist / Accompianist Gold Star and Alpert JCC

Our Coaches to the Board of Directors

​The Rock Club Rock For Vets has a few selected coaches that provide quality coaching and guidance for over seven years in the US. Participants in the program range from zero experience to ‘closet musicians’ to the experienced, encompassing a wide variety of musical abilities. The program hires master musicians, those with at least 20 years in the music industry, to give music lessons in music theory, instrumentation and vocal lessons. Beyond the valuable lessons learned from the visiting teachers, the program is supported with a peer-to-peer structure.